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Victoria’s Surf Coast is among Australia’s most liveable locations: affordable, stunningly beautiful, close to city centres but retaining coastal charm and a relaxed lifestyle. From young families to retirees, the region offers much to everyone in richness and rewarding lifestyle experiences.

The Surf Coast is comprised of the townships of Torquay, Anglesea, Aireys Inlet, Lorne and, further inland, Moriac and Winchelsea. It is renowned for global attractions including the easternmost point of The Great Ocean Road, Bells Beach, stunning rainforests, exceptional beaches, waterfalls, and thriving farmland. The region is flourishing, with low unemployment, safe communities, great retail and tourism. If you seek an amazing quality of life, the Surf Coast delivers on its promises.

Desbo Building Group is a Geelong-based bespoke building company specialising in luxury new home builds. We know the Surf Coast region in-depth and we have the skills, industry suppliers, and integrity to deliver your dream home to meet your vision and exceed your expectations.

What to Consider when Building on the Surf Coast

You need to speak to your chosen builder from the outset when you wish to build your dream home.  You will need to incorporate many factors when it comes to the planning and execution of your luxury home build. This begins with the orientation, slope, and other unique qualities of the block you have purchased. From here you need to consider the style of house you wish to build, its inclusions, and other issues such as required permits, existing trees and natural watercourses, drainage, power supply to the site, and potential additions such as fences, pools, rainwater tanks, solar panels, and more.

At Desbo Building Group, we have the experience, expertise, and insider know-how when it comes to all considerations of building on the Surf Coast. We offer advice on everything from your dream-home design to your land selection and every single aspect of the build to the end result you deserve.

Choosing land on the Surf Coast

Your home is your biggest investment and there is nothing as satisfying as customising every aspect of it. This is only achievable when you build from scratch and the first step to realising your vision is choosing your block of land.

You need to consider not only where you wish to live, but also which type of block suits the home of your dreams – including size, orientation, views, landscaping options, and your lifestyle needs.

Desbo Building Group is very proud to take you through every single step of your building journey. Whether you seek our feedback and guidance before you select your block, or come to us having purchased, we ensure your brand new luxury home exceeds your expectations when you build with us.

Locations on the Surf Coast


The largest township in the Surf Coast Shire, Torquay has over 10,000 residents. While it does get busy in summer thanks to tourism, in winter it is a quiet and peaceful Oceanside town. It is close to Bells Beach and is rich in shopping, restaurants, nature walks, skate parks, and art/cultural attractions.


Just 15 minutes from Torquay, Anglesea is a small town on a charming river and with expansive beaches – great for learning to surf! It is also very rich in local native wildlife. Community amenities and activities include cycling, Tennis Courts, Bowling Club, skate park, Golf Course, mountain biking, wineries, local produce markets, and much more.

Aireys Inlet

This tiny, sleepy beachside town has stunningly beautiful beaches and secluded coves, and eclectic cafes. It is a popular launch for hang gliders and offers a lot for horse riders, fishers, mountain bikers, and walkers. It is also home to the Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary and the Allen Nobel Sanctuary, a wetland in the town’s centre.


This popular tourist destination for families and weddings offers relaxed living, picturesque vistas, and attractions including riverside camping, picnicking, golfing, dense local bushwalks, lookouts, the Great Ocean Road, and Erskine Falls.


Situated 30 minutes’ drive inland from Torquay, Winchelsea is a thriving farming town renowned for leisure attractions including fishing on the Barwon River, the Otway Harvest Trail, and its rich history. Nearby smaller towns are noted for their “pick-your-own” berry farms.

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