Sloping Block Builds Geelong

Building on a Sloping Block Geelong

Sloping blocks do present a building challenge – but they don’t deserve the difficult reputation they have!

Views are worth their weight in gold when you build a luxury home, and the major benefit of a sloping block is the potential view that it affords. Your sloping block can offer an exciting opportunity for you and your builder to create a magnificent home that captures stunning views of spectacular coastlines, magnificent sunsets, twinkling city lights, or rolling countryside, plus welcomes balmy breezes and maximises on the unique potential of your block of land.

It does cost more to build on a sloping block than a flat site, due to the additional engineering and excavation requirements associated with this type of build. Yet with a premium builder, these costs will be minimised as much as possible and you will rest assured that your build will be perfect.

At Desbo Building Group, we have the experience and skills to make your sloping-block build amazing – offering practical yet beautiful design alternatives to reveal the hidden benefits your block offers. We will minimise the need for excavation as much as possible, and maximise the attributes of your block to take advantage of natural light and its vantage points.

What to Consider when Building on a Sloping Block

Building on a sloping block requires some unique considerations. These include the positioning of the house on the block, compliance with council regulations, excavation of the land depending on the slope gradient, depth of foundations, drainage requirements, and engineering to maintain exceptional build quality in light of the particular construction challenges associated with the slope.

Working with a custom builder like Desbo Building Group is essential,  as we understand your site and have the expertise required for sloping block builds.

Why Choose Desbo Building Group for a Sloping Block Build

The team at Desbo Building Group leaves no stone unturned to deliver a stunning result for you regardless of the slope of your block, giving you peace of mind and guaranteed results that exceed your expectations.

With our strategic and creative design process, we are mindful of the excavation and engineering involved in your build, working to achieve outstanding results within your budget and maximising on the benefits your block offers to unveil the best possible views from your luxury home.

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