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Home Improvements and Renovations in Geelong

Loving your current location and your home, but also wishing to improve or update it is not mutually-exclusive when you enlist luxury bespoke builders Desbo Building Group for home improvements and renovations in Geelong.

From minor renovations which enhance your home to completely gutting your home and rebuilding the interiors from scratch, Desbo Building Group is your premium choice for unique, high-end renovations designed and built to perfection for an exclusive end result that you will love and others will envy.

Choosing the right builder for your renovations is the key to a seamless, enjoyable process from beginning to end, and an exceptional result you adore.

Renovating your home to bring your dream vision to life is a huge undertaking, and when you find the right builder, the entire experience will be a positive one.

 Desbo Building Group delivers on this and much more. We have a specialised, creative focus and high-end, luxury builds are our business. Our track record of insight, integrity, and respectful collaboration speaks for itself and we are very proud of the design and construction standards we maintain to exceed your expectations.

What to Consider when Choosing a Builder to do your Renovations

You need to find a bespoke builder who can give you and your home the focus and attention it deserves. Choose a builder you both like and trust, and who is not only available when you need them, but also communicates well. Your builder will ideally be able to take you through the entire process from design to planning and building to completion. The right builder will understand your creative vision and what you both want and need your renovation to achieve.

Other considerations include:

  • Is your builder local? Is he experienced in renovating? Does he have specialist skills?
  • How many concurrent building commitments does your builder have?
  • Testimonials and reviews from previous clients.
  • Examples of previous building work to see quality and style.
  • Friendly and professional communications with a main point of contact.
  • Working with and maintaining your agreed budget.
  • Scheduling – will your timeline and your builder’s availability comply?
  • Does your chosen builder work with only the best materials, suppliers and tradespeople? 

Why choose Desbo Building Group for your Renovations?

Renovating your home is a very different undertaking than building a brand new home. You need a builder who ideally has experience in both of these to bring a superior skill set, insight, and expertise to your renovation.

Shane Desbrowe-Annear and the team at Desbo Building Group are renowned bespoke builders in the Geelong region. We proudly offer the finest in home renovations to deliver magnificent homes that are very, very special. With the ultimate in materials, fittings and craftsmanship, we deliver a luxury renovation that will feel like a brand new home. We take the time and dedicate the attention to detail to help you design and create the home of your dreams, right where you are.


We make your vision a reality.

Are you ready to bring your ultimate vision of your new dream home to life?

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Are you ready to bring your ultimate vision of your new dream home to life?
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