Home Extensions Geelong

Home Extensions and Expansions Geelong

If you already have a home you love in the perfect location, but you wish to expand on it to create more room and enhance your daily lifestyle, building an extension could be the right option for you. Luxury home extensions and expansions in Geelong are a smart and fantastic way to add space to your home, provide a new level of comfort and style to your existing residence, and to ultimately add to its value.

Expanding on your home with an extension can be a cost-effective way to realise your vision for your dream home if you’re not in the position to build from scratch. This may apply to you especially if you love the site of your existing home in terms of convenience, views, postcode, aspect, and other considerations. It can also save you a lot of money attached to moving or building new on another site which doesn’t apply to extending – including stamp duty, real estate agent commissions, home loan transfers, removalist fees, and other miscellaneous costs and inconveniences associated with moving. 

Desbo Building Group is the superior choice for stunning bespoke home extensions and expansions in the Geelong region.

What to Consider when Building an Extension

Building an extension requires a number of considerations and some forethought:

  • Do you really love where you live? Is extending a better option for you than moving?
  • What do you wish to achieve with your extension?
  • What is your extension budget? How will you finance your extension?
  • Do you have practical issues to consider, like a sloping block, drainage, access, single or double-storey, etc?
  • How will your extension seamlessly flow with your home?
  • Do you wish to maintain the current style and aesthetic of your home or develop something new?
  • Can you remain living in the home during the extension building process?

Why choose Desbo Building Group for your Extension?

Adding an extension should deliver great results in terms of expanding your lifestyle and supreme satisfaction in your home. Whether you seek to add a back living room, a home office, a retreat, a second storey, more bedrooms, a luxury walk-in wardrobe, another bathroom, or even a granny flat or studio unit, Desbo Building Group has what it takes to deliver the stunning, luxury results you deserve.

We work with you through every single step of the process from design to completion, overseeing the construction on a daily basis and keeping to agreed schedules and budget. We work with you to meet your needs in terms of scheduling and completion so that you can move into and enjoy your extension as quickly as possible.

Are you ready to bring your ultimate vision of your new dream home to life?

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Are you ready to bring your ultimate vision of your new dream home to life?
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